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Annual Report 2014 and Activities

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

To the many that have followed and supported Faith Coalition-Edwardsville with prayers, time, talent and treasure throughout 2014, I begin my message with Thank You. It is with a full and grateful heart that I reflect on the accomplishments we have made together in unity fulfilling our goal with disaster relief and local missions. Our most significant project is a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to remodel a home that was donated by Richard Rothermich located at 922 Grand Avenue in Edwardsville. When completed, the proceeds from the sale of this pilot project are expected to fund close to three new homes for Habitat for Humanity partner families. This is truly a house that together in unity love has built.

Our newest mission, Restore Decor, was started to provide a means of raising funds to complete the Grand Avenue house remodel and to support the mission work of Faith Coalition-Edwardsville. It has blossomed in 2014 in ways none of us could have dreamed possible. Our Vice President, Dana Adams, answered her calling along with so many other hands and feet in our community by coming together in unity to supply a store space, donated furniture and household items, repair supplies, paint, and countless volunteer hours rescuing, redesigning and selling one of a kind pieces. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the wonderful Restore Decor customers who shop with a purpose and keep our energy and enthusiasm high with their words of encouragement and pictures of purchases in their new homes. Restore Decor’s accomplishments this year is a great story to be detailed later in this report.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the many volunteers, from young students to retirees, who represent a broad cross section of this community united as one being Christ’s hands and feet in our local community and beyond as the Faith Coalition-Edwardsville in 2014. Thank you to all from those who have worked at the Grand Avenue house, Restore Decor, and building the playhouse, to the Blankets For Friends girls who have given warmth and comfort to sick children, the homeless, those starting a new life and those touched by a tragedy. I am confident and grateful our community will be in more loving hands as they grow and continue to share their time, treasure, and hearts in our local community and beyond.

Attached is a copy of the Faith Coalition 2014 Annual Report.

Thank you and Blessings in 2015,

Joe Russo

The Faith Coalition-Edwardsville is a Christian organization united in love and truth. Our mission is to be Christ’s hands and feet in our local community and beyond.

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